Not necessarily a question, but I love how you still stuck with the band even when Sammi left and they were pretty slow for months. Good job.

Well thank you!  However, Sammi’s involvement or lack thereof in My Satellite has never had any impact on my loyalty to the band.  Their work is amazing regardless of who comes and goes, and Sammi was a great addition while she was still in the band.

As far as inactivity on the boys’ end, it’s bound to happen.  They have day jobs, and the recording and distribution processes take up a lot of time, so there’s absolutely no issue.

Just keep up here, since I update as soon as I have information!

Today is the day, Astronauts; Lift is finally available for everyone’s listening pleasure!  The band’s debut full-length album features 10 tracks that will make your heart soar and a smile creep onto your face.

You can purchase Lift from iTunes, Amazon and My Satellite’s shop.  The album is also available to stream on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Happy listening!

Hey Astronauts!  My Satellite just premiered their new music video for the first single off of Lift titled “Control.”  Make sure you check it out and share with everyone you know!

Also remember to pre-order Lift on iTunes or Amazon and get ready for the album to drop March 25!

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We have a few new friends. They’re some lookers #newmusic #newalbum #lift #mysatellite #nowplaying

Hey Astronauts!  We’ve got some good news for all of you who backed My Satellite’s Lift kickstarter by giving $20 or more.  The band is sending these backers their advanced digital copies of Lift tomorrow to listen to before anyone else gets to!  How cool is that??

As exciting as the digital copies coming tomorrow are, CDs and vinyl will run a little late.  The band expects that they’ll receive the CDs by the end of this week and that those will be sent out by early next week.  The vinyl discs will take another month.

Despite those facts, here’s your good news for the day.  And if you haven’t pre-ordered your digital copy already, make sure you do it by ordering on iTunes!


Rehearsal is getting sexy. New album hits on 3/25. Album release @ Viper Room on 3/30 #newmusic

My Satellite will celebrate the release of their new album Lift at The Viper Room on Sunday, March 30.  Doors open at 7 P PDT.  The event is 21+, so sorry kiddies!

Free CDs will be available at the show, so head out for some great new music and some shots!

My Satellite’s upcoming album, Lift, is now available for digital pre-order on iTunes!  While the album won’t be released until March 25, previews of each song are also available on iTunes.

Pre-order Lift and hear the previews at

what's your personal blog? i used to follow you but i lost your url a couple months ago but i have found you again!!!

Hi there!  My personal blog is  I’m also on my Twitter a whole lot!

There’s also a new show announcement for February!  My Satellite will be playing  with The Vim Dicta at The Viper Room on February 13.  The show is 21+, so sorry kids!

You can buy tickets for the event HERE.